Review by Richard Masoner on the new Urbana ebike : Current

Richard Masoner has tried out the new Urbana EBike and has shared his opinion on his blog.

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Richard Masoner a pu essayer le nouveau vélo électrique de Urbana, dont le nom est Current. Il partage son opinion sur son blog.

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Cycling for Beginners : Review of the Urbana bikes

Cycling for Beginners made a fantastic review about the Urbana Bikes! To see the review you can have a look at this website :


Cycling for Beginners a fait une critique du vélo Urbana dans leur dernier numéro! Pour voir la critique dans son intégralité, visitez ce lien :

A to B to Fun : Review by Richard Masoner

Have a look at this fantastic review by Richard Masoner that has been published in Commute by Bike!


Jetez un coup d'oeil sur la critique de Richard Masoner sur le vélo Urbana, qui a parue sur le site de "Commute by Bike"!


Jeunes entrepreneurs gagnent un prix pour un projet avec le vélo Urbana

Young entrepreneurs have won an award for their College Project with the Urbana Bikes!

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Regional Final Québec Entrepreneurship Contest: two awards for projects, and Circuit 4 Plan B Cégep de La Pocatière

At the regional gala 12th edition of the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest, which was held in Trois-Pistoles Friday, May 7, Cégep de La Pocatière distinguished himself through two projects presented and won first prize in their respective categories .

Route 4, a committee of adjustment of electronic equipment, was the big winner in the category College - individual and small group. Jean and Eric Alexander Jolicoeur, students physics technology program, are both architects of this innovative project that involves collecting, inefficient appliances like clocks, hair dryers, or toasters to extract the components reusable and give them a second life. For example, these new electronic systems could be used to operate an amplifier, a fan or even to create movement in an art installation.

The Award winners in the category College - group, Plan B, it is a service loan bike at the Cégep de La Pocatière created by students of different curricula, Simon Bessette, Ariane Côté Lavoie, Amelie Levert-Rossignol, Catherine Langevin-Petel and Charlyn Girouard "In the absence of public transit in the Kamouraska region, too many people use their vehicles to cover short distances and students who do not have vehicles have less access to services and businesses in the region, "explained Ariane Côté-Lavoie, communications manager for Plan B. It will be possible for the people of College and eventually the tourists, to borrow a bicycle free of Urbana specially designed for this type of use.

"While these initiatives are the first business projects for most of these students, they were particularly open to learning and courage to overcome the various stages of project management in extracurricular more! "," Mr. Phillip Laterreur, responsible entrepreneurship student at Cégep de La Pocatière. Schedule, budget, logistics services, etc.. All worked very hard to turn their idea into reality.

Finally, note that 56 projects were presented at the college level in the Lower St. Lawrence and the uncovering of major national awards will be held June 17 in Québec City.

Cégep de La Pocatière extend their most sincere congratulations to the winners and wish them the best of luck for the future.


URBANA introduced the strongest rack bar none.
The rack has been designed exclusively for the URBANA and it's built just like the URBANA. The reinforced lateral plate allows the rack to hold up to 150lbs in weight and serves as an anti-wobble mounting point that keeps the bike stable when there is heavy load on it. So, not only is it capable of withstanding enormous vertical forces, it has also been designed to withstand similar horizontal forces. A really handy aspect to the rack is the ability to attach almost any bag including cloth shopping bags.


It looks cool.

Ask for an RNR at an Urbana dealer near you.


URBANA vous présente le porte-bagage le plus robuste connu.
Ce porte-bagage a été conçu exclusivement pour Urbana et est modelé sur le même concept que celui-ci. Les plaques latérales sont renforcées, permettant au porte-bagage de supporter un poids de plus de 150 livres tout en aillant une tenue solide qui permet au vélo de rester stable même sous de lourdes charges. Non seulement est-il capable de soutenir des pressions énormes sur la verticale, cette énergie est  également applicable sur l’horizontale. Un aspect pratique de ce porte-bagage est le fait que l’on peut accrocher n’importe quel sac incluant ceux en tissu.


Il a un look cool.

Renseignez-vous auprès d'un détaillant de Urbana près de chez vous concernant le RNR

Review on SDV Mag

Christian Lemelin nous fait part de son opinion concernant le vélo Urbana.

Première critique d'un homme qui a fait l'expérience du vélo dans la province qui a vu la naissance de Urbana!

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Final review from Noah at Bike Commuters

Noah from Bike Commuters made a final review concerning the Urbana. To read this review please go on this website :

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Bike Commuters nous fait part de son expérience avec le vélo Urbana. Pour lire sa critique, veuillez aller sur ce site :

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Soon to come : The RNR!

Qu'est-ce que le RNR? 

C'est le support officiel pour les bicycles Urbana! Appelé RNR (pour "Reinforced Rack"), celui-ci passera les épreuves de solidité et de force!

Ce rack sera bientôt disponible en magasin.


What is a RNR?

It's the official rack for the Urbana bikes! Called RNR, for "Reinforced Rack", this little fellow will show you his strength and how tough he is!

In stores soon!

Urbana at Interbike in Las Vegas

Pictures from the Interbike show in Las Vegas. The Urbana team sure had a lot of fun during that week!

Quelques photos de l'exposition Interbike qui a eu lieu a Las Vegas!

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Community day in Montreal

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