User manual

Thank you for choosing an Urbana bicycle.

With proper care, your trusty steed will serve you for many years. If its maintenance is done in a bike shop, please pay it a visit few days after purchase. This first service will help you familiarize with your bikes workings. After that, one or two visits a season will keep it in good order.

Its frame is designed for moderately hard urban use.

This includes load carrying. Keep in mind, still, that excessive loading will alter your bike’s behaviour, especially braking distances.

Adjusting to user size

The Urbana one size bike is made to fit the size of most riders.

This is first simply done by the seat height adjustment. The seat is set in the usual manner, that is by opening the seat clamp lever and placing the seat at the height that allows a comfortable leg extension when pedalling. This adjustment is often the only one required when passing the bike from one rider to the other. Please be careful not to get the post higher than the “Max extension” mark.

The second adjustment that may be required is the handlebar position. By loosening two of the four stem cap bolts, the handlebar can be moved. It can be placed front to rear so as to give the rider a more or less upright position. Please make sure the gaps between stem and cap are kept equal on either side of the handlebar. As an inadequate tightening of the handlebar can lead to serious injury, we recommend you contact your Urbana dealer if you are not familiar with this kind of adjustment.


All Urbana models have very powerful front brakes. Please gradually familiarize yourself with their use in a safe place.

Each Urbana frame has a unique four letters identification code. This code is deeply engraved and is easily visible on the frame left bottom bracket support plate. Please go as soon as possible on to register your identification code and new user password.You can additionally note this code in a safe place. It will be useful in case of theft.

Urbana mechanical tips

Your Urbana bicycle is equipped with replaceable rear drop-outs.

These allow frame fixing in case of thread failure. Many types of drop-outs are available at your Urbana dealer so as to permit the use of most types of rear hub. When adjusting chain tension on horizontal drop outs, make sure the brake pads will not touch the tire. Regularly check the drop-out mounting bolts and use locking compound on the thread. (loctite type)

Brake and gear cables

As with most bike, the Urbana brakes and gearing respond much better with cables and housings in good condition. Lubing them with light grease works well. Keeping them as short as the handlebar movements will allow, helps too.

Tires matter

Your Urbana came stock with “Nid de poule 2.6” quality semi slick tires. They are often called balloon tires. They are fast and comfortable. The urbana can accommodate tires from 1.2 up to 2.7, slick, knobby or studded for ice. Keep the pressure in your “Nid de poule 2.6” tires between 20 and 40 PSI (130 and 270kPa).

Experiment with tire pressure to find your preference. Keep in mind that lower tire pressure is not always less efficient, the huge volume of this tire allows for low rolling resistance even at low pressure.

Racks and fenders

Racks and fenders of most kinds can be fitted on the Urbana frame, at the usual drop out M5 threaded hole.

The rear rack upper mount necessitates a longer bolt or threaded rod. It is a 8mm hole, so a 1/4” or a M6 works good. There is a M6 threaded hole on the drop out mounting lug , it can accept a widened rear rack. This hole has a recess so as to allow use of a nut if needed.

Manuals for SRAM, Shimano and Sturmey-Archer components are available on line.

Urbana Rack: RNR

Urbana introduces the strongest rack bar none. The rack has been designed exclusively for the Urbana and it’s built just like the Urbana.The reinforced lateral plate allows the rack to hold up to 120lbs in dynamic weight anywhere on it’s platform. An anti-wobble mounting point keeps the bike stable when there is heavy load on it. So, not only is it capable of withstanding enormous vertical forces, it has also been designed to withstand real life horizontal forces. A really handy aspect of the rack is the ability to attach almost any bag including cloth shopping bags. AND.... It looks cool.

For informations about how to install the RNR on the Urbana :


How to install the Chain Guard :